How WiSH is responding to the COVID-19 emergency:

Like many of you, WiSH is adjusting to the current situation. WiSH receives no state, federal or district funding; all fundraisers (and the operational funding they support, in part) have been canceled for 2020.  While we always engage in good financial practices, there are no guidelines that recommend reserving a year and more of operational funds in the event of a global pandemic. In response to this emergency, WiSH has made tough but necessary decisions to ensure sustainability, continued support of essential programs, and we remain dedicated to our mission. We have eliminated payroll and are currently working as a 100% volunteer organization, fully committed to our programs support.

A giant THANK YOU to those of you who have made unrestricted donations this year, which allows us to focus on the programs most in need – programs that we would never have thought of even a year ago.


What our immediate focus is on:

  • Continuing those programs that have immediate emergency impact – see below.
  • Encouraging and inspiring support of community businesses, who give generously to nonprofits throughout the year.


Emergency response programs:

  • Our two year old computer program went into overdrive and became vital with the school closure announcement.  With no advance notice and in just two days, over 3,100 chrome books were delivered to district schools and distributed to students needing access to distance learning. Approximately 10,000 more have been distributed since then and requests continue to be received every day.
  • Our student wellness program remains essential; this has been an extraordinarily difficult year for our district.  Students experienced wildfire school closures, the Saugus tragedy and Coronavirus cancelations and closures. We continue to work with the district wellness team to support centers and programs on campuses district wide.  The Saugus quad renovation is now complete; WiSH organized $31,000 in donations for the project that include landscaping labor and greenery (from Stay Green Landscape) as well as supplies from The Home Depot Foundation. 
  • Virtual wellness programs are added now and students and their families have continued resources, including tele-counseling.
  • There are so many students that are displaced and considered homeless, the number skyrocketing since the pandemic.  WiSH is now delivering student desks to those in need of a small, dedicated space in which to work. If you know of a student in need or would like to be placed on the volunteer delivery list, please email


What can you do to help?

  • Support local businesses whenever possible – sign up for our emails (link below) to get direct links to offers!
  • Mark your calendars and purchase tickets to attend our fabulous, postponed events – we know you’ll be ready to have a good time! It’s not just a great night out; your attendance translates to continued support for our local students. Just click on “Events” above.
  • Become an event sponsor.  We’re still promoting and planning – we need to be ready to hit the ground running when this is over – so you’ll get exposure all year long! (we are being creative – email
  • Want something super easy?  Just start all of your Amazon shopping at and choose William S Hart Education Foundation as your charity of choice!  That way you give just by doing what you already do on Amazon – and we benefit. You can set your account up to do this automatically on both your computer and your cell phone, Android OR IOS!!  Just go into your account and choose Amazon Smile 🙂

We appreciate your continued support!


 Wine on the Roof has been postponed to April 30, 2021! 

Please remember that while all of our incredible SCV nonprofits have these wonderful events to share their mission with the community, they also serve a vital purpose – they are the core of critically needed fundraising and imperative to keep the doors open and support going.  The current situation is hitting all of us hard – individuals, businesses, nonprofits.  While we navigate the coming weeks, please continue to support all of the amazing restaurants, winemakers and sponsors who make all of these events possible, and please come out and enjoy the events when new dates are set.  We know that by then you’ll be ready to get out and have a good time with friends!

Until then, stay in, stay safe, stay healthy.

See you on THE ROOF!