What is WiSH?

We are a non-profit organization that benefits the William S. Hart Union School District. We are committed to improving the education and learning experience of our students. Although WiSH supports the district exclusively, the foundation is NOT a part of the Wm. S. Hart School District; it acts as a separate and distinct entity that works with the district to provide badly needed additional funding.

How can I help?

Donating to our organization always helps, but we are always looking for more participants in our fundraisers and volunteers! Check our Events page for news on upcoming events and head to our Contact page if you’re interested in volunteering!

What kind of giving has WiSH been a part of?

To date, WiSH has donated nearly $230,000 and we have only just turned six years old!  While that is a number we are very proud of as a young foundation, it’s not nearly the impact we would like to make.  For that, we need your help.  Please consider making your tax deductible donation today.

Some of our supported programs:

  • upgraded computer science labs
  • music programs – software/tools/instruments
  • video production
  • performing arts
  • athletics (through local partners)
  • literacy
  • science equipment
  • graphing calculators district wide
  • girls’ STEM programs
  • solar glasses
  • graphic arts
  • athletic training program
  • special education
  • career & college readiness