Dear Families and Friends of the William S. Hart School District,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in WiSH!  

WiSH was founded in 2011 by parents and partners of the community to directly support the students and staff of the William S. Hart school district and are a designated 501c(3) non-profit foundation.

WiSH raises critically needed funds to directly support students and educators in our District…money for much-needed technology, special education and technical programs, materials, books, software, musical instruments & calculators, just to name some recent initiatives. We’re not funded by any local, state or federal agencies and rely on contributions, grants and sponsorships to bridge the ever-widening gap of student’s needs directly in classrooms.

For those that have been able to support WiSH financially, thank you. You know that through your contributions, we directly impact current and ongoing programs that support our students in achieving their school and career goals…and for our community!

For those that haven’t had an opportunity to participate, I ask you to consider supporting WiSH with a one-time or recurring contribution…or come out to one of our great events! If every family in the district gave just $5-$10, we’d achieve our goal of never having to say no when a classroom is in need.  Our students deserve the tools needed for success in the classroom!

We truly value our local corporate partnerships and sponsors who, coupled with our fantastic Board of Directors, Advisory Board, District leaders and volunteers make this all possible.

Please join us at one of our incredible events like Cocktails on the Roof and Wine on the Roof.

We’re extremely fortunate to have such an amazing public school system. But we need your help…individual, family, business and corporate memberships and ongoing pledges of any amount. We are YOUR foundation, our/your $ stays in Santa Clarita.

This is a partnership…between families, business, the community and the schools. Though I’m certainly not the first to say it, it does ‘take a village.’ I want to take this opportunity to also thank our amazing group of volunteers who are there to help whenever needed, as well as my fantastic Board for their support, commitment and efforts towards supporting our local schools. Please consider your gift this season at

Dawn Begley

Chair, WiSH Education Foundation