WiSH Education Foundation supports and enhances student programming that is either underfunded or for which there is no funding provided by tax dollars. The list of funded programs can change year to year as needs are assessed. Some of the foundation’s vital program initiatives include:

Student Wellness

  • Establishing and funding 15 wellness centers on campuses district-wide
  • Addressing the need for anxiety management in student population
  • Chromebook Program -Pre-COVID, this program provided out-of-circulation Chromebooks to keep, to anonymously identified, socioeconomically disadvantaged students needing computer access. Post-COVID, this program also provided Chromebooks to students needing access to distance learning, keeping them connected during school closures.
  • Student Desk Program -With numbers of displaced and homeless students rising quickly during the pandemic, this ongoing program has distributed desks and chairs to any student in need, which has resulted in higher confidence and performance.
  • Campus defibrillators
  • CPR mannequins
  • Baseline concussion testing software for student athletes


  • Science equipment
  • Next Generation Science Standards and supplies
  • Upgraded computer science labs
  • Girls Who CODE – encouraging girls’ participation in computer science
  • Classroom sets of graphing calculators
  • Math and science intervention programs
  • Makerspace -a collaborative workspace for making, learning, exploring, and sharing that uses high-tech to no tech tools.

Literacy programs

  • Writing
  • Library books
  • Literacy software

Special education

  • Classroom programming and supplies
  • Living Skills Lab infrastructure


  • Fine arts supplies
  • Graphic arts
  • Digital arts
  • Music
  • Video production
  • Performing arts

Career and College Readiness

  • Underserved student population resources
  • Career technical training
  • Certification programs
  • Year-long College Bound Student Webinar Series

Immersive Academic Career Pathways

  • BioMedical Science
  • Athletic Training

And More

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